Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Skip: Camping

For our combined activity this month, we went camping. I believe this is a yearly tradition for our ward. Last year they went camping on the beach. This year we went up to the Angeles National Forest to the Angeles Crest Campground.

We met at the church around 4, left around 5 and got up to the campsite about 6. One of the cars in our caravan ran out of gas a few campgrounds away from us. Luckily they found us, but not after we started worrying about them having gotten lost. My husband was coming up later and so he was able to bring up a gallon of gas with him so that they could get back down to a gas station.

We set up the girls in one tent on one side of the campsite and the boys in another on the other side. The leaders mostly slept in their own tents.

The girls pranked the boys by putting rocks under their tent after it was all set up. The boys made gifts for the girls on Tuesday night. They painted little first aid kits, gave a box of matches with a striker, made fire starter in an altoids tin, and also made fire starters out of cotton pads and parafin wax. We were pleasantly surprised.

Luckily we were able to have a fire up in the mountains. The young men were in charge of dinner. They brought chili and cornbread. For dessert we put marshmallows, chocolate chips and fruit in waffle cones and let it all melt together over the fire. That was delicious. The young women were in charge of breakfast. We brought danishes and muffins and also cooked bacon and eggs. All the food turned out really well.

We played mafia around the campfire after dinner. I think everyone enjoyed that. In the morning after we got all packed up we had a bocce ball tournament. That was also a lot of fun. We headed back down to town around 11 and stopped at In'n'Out for lunch before heading home. I would say the camp out was a success.
Adam (1 year old) loved camping

Bocce Ball

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No mutual - Saturday Skip

Last night for mutual we skipped because all the youth in our ward are going camping on Friday. I'm excited!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Game night again

What we did for mutual last night was have a game night...again. Originally we had planned on having a modest fashion show and combining this with another ward, but we were too slow in our planning and it didn't pan out. So we opted for game night again. I didn't attend since I was pretty jet lagged. But the girls must have had fun last week since they got to play games again last night.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mormon Taboo

What we did for mutual last night was play Mormon Taboo, which we downloaded from Burlap and Denim. I am actually on vacation, so I wasn't able to attend, but I wish I could have because I love taboo! It's such a fun game, and I hope the girls had fun.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No mutual - Saturday Skip: Youth Conference

Last night for mutual we did nothing because this Friday night and Saturday the stake is having it's youth conference. Once a year all the youth get to have a big weekend activity. And since it's also finals week here in California, we are skipping our Tuesday night mutual activity.