Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yoga Night with Relief Society

Last night for mutual we combined with our Relief Society sisters (the woman's organization of the church) for a yoga night and healthy eating demonstration. We had a really good turnout from the Relief Society, so it was a great night. Our RS president invited one of her friends who is a professional instructor to come help us do a simple routine. Everyone brought their own mat or was able to borrow from someone, although most ladies said they were inexperienced with yoga. A few ladies didn't make it through the routine, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. The 3 young women from our group who showed up are all dancers, so they had almost no trouble with it.

After our yoga session, we had a quick cooking lesson from one of the Relief Society sisters. She made a quinoa black bean mango salad for us that was delicious. We also snacked on some fruit afterwards too.

It was a wonderful night and I think everyone had a great time! Thank you to our Relief Society for all their help!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Combined: The Amazing Race: Come Unto Christ Edition

Last night for mutual we participated in the Amazing Race! This is one of my favorite TV shows, so I was especially excited to be able to put this together. Well, I don't know if I should say put it together, because I was fortunate enough to find this amazing activity here on Sugardoodle. Basically I just had to print everything off and set up a few things around our church building. I was pretty sure we wouldn't have that many youth show up, so I eliminated a few of the tasks (like the faith fall), and we only raced with 2 teams. We also didn't email any of the pictures and make a slideshow afterwards (not that tech savvy).

This activity was a big hit! Some of the youth were skeptical at first, but once we got going everyone had tons of fun. We had 2 adults go with each group. The youth either picked  a number 1-18 or randomly drew an envelope out of their packet. They then had to complete whatever challenge was inside. Each challenge coordinated with a section from the For Strength of Youth Pamphlet (learn more about that here). Some were simple reading and writing, others had more physical activities. Points were awarded for each activity. I left assigning points up to the discretion of the leaders with each team. If there was little or no effort put in they were allowed to dock points. The teams had to be back in the Relief Society room at 8:10 sharp or they were docked points also. The winning team won some "gold nuggets" (Rolos). And everyone who participated was able to "partake in the love of Christ" (heart shaped Reese's, hooray for clearance valentine's day candy). Our YW President spoke to us about coming unto Christ after everything had settled down. We actually got some responses out of the youth, which was so nice to hear. It was an awesome activity. Thanks again to Caytee at Sugardoodle for putting it all together. They couldn't stop talking about it afterwards.

I currently only have pictures from 1 group, hopefully I will have some from the second soon.
Modeling a modest outfit

After the floor maze. This was really hard they said.

Balloon portraits of themselves. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Heart Attack Part 2

Last night we got together as Young Women to heart attack a girl who has been less active in our ward. The girls we brought with us had never done this so secretly before, so they had a lot of fun. We silently went up to her front door and taped the hearts we mad eon Tuesday all over. We also had a giant Valentine's Day card, some heart lollipops, and a small potted rose to leave on her doorstep. Then we played ding dong ditch. We were able to see somewhat from some bushes two doors down. It was a big adrenaline rush for all of us, so it was a lot of fun. I hope this young woman knows that we love her. Hopefully it will also spur her to come to more activities with us.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heart Attack Part 1

Last night for mutual we prepared for our heart attack, which will take place late the night before Valentine's Day. We have a young women in our group who used to come all the time, and still attends seminary and Sunday School, but won't come to Young Women's for some reason. We are going to heart attack her to let her know that we still care and that we would love to see her come back to us. So last night, we spent the evening cutting out hearts and writing messages both sweet and cheesy on them. Thursday evening we will go and cover her front door with the hearts and leave a few treats also. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Last night for mutual we made rice krispie treats and muddy buddies. Originally we had planned on going ice skating (as a reward for finally finishing 1st Nephi, see this post). But since half of our girls couldn't come and the two girls who did come were sick and exhausted, we decided to instead make some treats for those girls. Since we had a lot extra, we also delivered some to our Bishop and his executive secretary, who were at the church that night. It was a fun and easy night that I think the girls enjoyed, and the two girls who were gone were grateful for the treat and to know that we remembered them. We'll be rescheduling ice skating for another night.