Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Egg Art

Last night for mutual we did "egg art." If you are a Pinterest junkie like me than I'm sure you have seen this pinned there before. First, we talked a little bit about why we see so many eggs used around Easter time, and that they represent rebirth and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, We were able to get some canvases for cheap from Michael's. Next, we taped off words we liked (I just did my last name). Then we filled empty egg shells with acrylic paint and threw them at the blank canvases. I think we needed more egg shells, because most of us had to add additional paint to get the letters all covered. When you pull the tape off, the word is left in white (or whatever color you painted your background). It was a fun activity and I loved seeing what words or phrases the girls put on their canvases. You really had to chuck the eggs to get them to break, so it was a good activity to blow off a little steam also.
Prepping our canvases

Canvases prepped

Chuck that egg!

Finished product. So cool!

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