Wednesday, April 2, 2014

P.P.P. - Pranks

Last night for mutual was our monthly personal progress party, and in honor of April Fool's Day, we decided to have a prank theme. And who better to prank than the young men! So while I was talking to the girls individually about their personal progress accomplishments, everyone else was emptying oreos of their delicious cream centers and replacing them with toothpaste. Our toothpaste was tinged slightly blue, so we decided to tell them they were the spring themed oreos. Then we just sat and waited, since they seem to have a 6th sense about us having treats in our room. We read lists of other pranks off the internet and talked about pranks we'd participated in in the past. It was a fun night. Our first victim was the YM president and he totally fell for it. We had one young man smell the mint and figure it out before he took a bite. Then everyone else fell for it also. It was a fun, harmless prank, as everyone was able to spit it out right away. I'm glad we were also able to talk to and motivate some of the girls to work on some personal progress goals.

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